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 Second hand camper vans are becoming increasingly hard to find. The reason is second hand camper vans hold their value. Most second hand camper vans for sale are privatly owned and dealers struggle to buy them and make a profit.  To find a number of several second hand camper vans in obe place to view and try is virtually impossible.

Second hand camper vans prices

One of the most trusted… most knowledgeable and most respected second hand camper vans suppliers is second hand camper vans. The prices of their second hand camper vans range from £3,750 to £9750 and include a warranty. You will find models like the toyota hiace camper van or motor caravan to give it the proper title are on display at second hand camper vans. You wil find the talbot camelot, talbot avalon, toyota hiace  motor caravans and small motorhomes on display

The term second hand camper vans

The term second hand camper vans means a self-propelled vehicle that provides both transport and sleeping accommodation. For sale you will find the terms camper, a caravanette,  motor caravan and second hand camper vans.

Many people also refer to the vw type 2 campervan the t25 and t3 vw campervans second hand camper vans are typically smaller than your motor caravan or motorhomes. Whilst second hand camper vans focus on mobility and low cost, motorhomes are more luxurious.

Early models of second hand camper vans were heavy on the road. Some coach builders like holdsworth used real wood  rather than thin ply coated with a laminate like most second hand camper vans of  today.

Second hand camper vans the models

 Second Hand Camper Vans    Second Hand Camper Vans

By far the most popular question about second hand camper vans is how much are they worth?

But the  first and hardest part for any second hand camper vans buyer is deciding what your needs are and prioritising them. So prepare yourself for compromise. Because getting it right first time may prove virtually impossible.Most second  hand camper  vans are 2 berth with the sleeping arrangement using a rock and roll bed so you need to decide how many people will be travelling with you.

Very few second hand camper  vans have a dedicated washroom with shower or loo. If you need these then looking at second hand camper vans is not the way to go.

Second hand camper vans new or used?

Second hand camper vans can last 20 years or more.  Once hooked on the freedom, fun and stress-free lifestyle second hand camper vans bring into your life you’ll soon find an  upgrade hard to resist. And, with easy part exchange and low monthly payments a deal couldn’t be easier. But, you need to understand what you are getting for your money.

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